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The Story

We are founded on our family’s love for natural beauty & our passion to create “products YOU can feel good about.”


Hi! We're Liz & Kat.
CEO & Founder of Dragonfly Apothecary.

Our brand was born in our kitchen in our home town of
Staten Island, New York in February of 2018 making
handcrafted soap and scrubs. 

Dragonfly Apothecary was created with all of the “the things we love to love” in mind - care products that smell good, feel good, and work good.

As a young girl, my mom always taught me how to take good care of my skin and it’s a passion we’ve shared together (always swapping products and recommending things to each other).

She has always been creative and enjoys natural beauty. As for myself, after having worked in the skincare industry for several years and later becoming pregnant, I realized even the “naturally based” products weren’t really all that natural. And so together we went on to create… “products you can feel good about.” 
-Liz & Kat 🌱

So, Who's Liz?

I've been an all-natural-everything kind of girl for as long as I can remember. I've had an eclectic journey filled with everything from: business school to retail management, fitness, and more. My professional career, before having my daughter, was spent in the skincare industry. I spent almost 5 years learning the ins-and-outs of natural beauty brands & half of the time thought to myself, "but these products aren't really natural..." It wasn't until I stepped away from the "rat race" and became pregnant with my daughter, Ella, that I thought.. should I really be putting this stuff on my skin? I've always been a sucker for making a difference in someone's life & while working in the beauty industry, that was always the silver-lining that kept me going to work for someone else everyday; the look on someone's face when you put something on their skin that makes them feel better about themselves. So, when my mother came to me and said, "let's start making soap," I knew what I wanted Dragonfly Apothecary to evolve into.. a care brand that you trust to give you everything you need to lead a well-balanced, natural lifestyle.

And Who's Kat?

I'm a free spirited wife of 43 years, mother of two daughters, and grandmother of four. After being a stay at home mom most of my life, my husband and I became franchise owners of a home-furnishings business in 2001. We had a successful run but due to the recession in 2010, we lost it. After a couple years of hardship, I decided to get a part-time job in the retail industry. I wound up staying with a  renowned upscale department store for 5 years. After being laid off, I wanted to put on my creative hat. For Liz's baby shower I made soaps as favors alongside my older daughter. Before you knew it, people were asking to place orders and Dragonfly Apothecary came into existence. It was like everything fell into place and now we are growing into something bigger than I ever imagined thanks to my daughters!